The Benefits of Raising Goats

Why goat business? 

For small farmers, hobby farmers, and homesteaders alike, goats can be a great choice of species. They’re good for milk, meat, fiber, and more.

1. The goat is a multi-purpose animal producing meat, milk, hide, fibre and manure. In hilly areas, goats are also used for hauling light loads.

2. Goats have very few demands of housing and management. They hardly need separate housing and happily share their homes with their owners or his other livestock.


3. Goats can be raised by landless agricultural labourers, ladies and children because they can thrive well on variety of leaves, shrubs, bushes, kitchen waste etc.

4. Goat farming can be a profitable occupation for a farmer and can fit well into mixed farming.

5. Goats are cheaper to maintain, easily available and have a friendly disposition.