Coffee Beans Farming

Honey beekeeping is a great hobby for people. It’s rewarding, interesting, and not very expensive. It’s a good value and very economical. After you’ve invested, then you’ve got your kit and you’re good to go. You can leave the hives alone for two to three weeks at a time without worrying about them needing attention.

  • Start-up costs. Once you’re up and running, beekeeping is a very inexpensive way to enjoy the many benefits honeybees bring. However, there are some supplies you will need to get started. These include a hive, protective clothing, a smoker, supplies, possibly extracting equipment and bees!
  • Getting a bee sting. If you or others in your family are allergic to bee stings, it’s not recommended to keep bees. If you aren’t allergic, bee stings can still hurt, although you’re likely to develop immunity to the poison.
  • Heavy lifting. A full super, which is the box of frames used for honey production, can weigh 30 to 70 pounds. You will be lifting this out of the hive to remove the honey.